Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tour of California Day 5: Captains, Chaos and Fun

After making the 3 hour trip from San Jose to San Luis Obispo last night, we stayed at the Madonna Inn. We were originally booked in the Oriental Fantasy suite, but Tracy wanted to stay in the Cave Man Room. We ended up in the Captain's Bridge, which must've been made for a really short captain, because the beds were 6 inches too short and the showerhead just about hit me between the shoulderblades.

We then got up at 7 and headed into town at 8 to set up. We got there and looked for the camera and satellite trucks.

Nothing. Nada.

Fighting panic and the urge to start laughing hysterically, we made some calls and discovered that yes, we had no power/internet/video yet. The trucks rolled in at 9 AM, and had us up and running at 9:50 sharp, which is just amazing. So all's well that ends well.

The race was great - 130 miles, and we had video of almost the whole thing...


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