Friday, April 13, 2007

Might as Well Buy A Hummer

I'm thinking about replacing my Mazda 6 (which I love) with a hybrid. So, I just calculated my carbon production at

My car, a Mazda 6S with a 4 liter, 6-cylinder engine, produces 5 tons of carbon per year, assuming I drive 200 miles/week, which is about right.

My house? 5 tons/year.

My air travel, which totals out to 4-5 trips from my home to New York, 3-4 trips to and from LA, and at least 3-4 more trips to random parts of the country? 30 tons of carbon.

Holy. Crap.

Car: 5 tons
House: 5 tons
Air travel: 30 tons

I can just buy a Hummer. But instead I think I'll just go to and spend a few bucks.


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