Friday, August 18, 2006

Baggage Handling: The End of Civilization

Some quick math:

When you fly across the country, you move 3200 miles in about 6 hours, at worst. That's 5,632,000 yards, or a brisk 1,024,000 yards/hour.

Once you arrive at SeaTac airport, though, your bags take about 45-60 minutes to move 500 yards.

That's 500 yards/hour, in case you're wondering.

People in complex flying machine: 1,024,000 yards/hour
Bags attached to tractor: 500 yards/hour


I have to point out that before Alaska Airlines fired their baggage handlers and instead farmed the work out to the low bidder, this wasn't a problem. Never mind that the new baggage company also damaged at least two aircraft, and let one of those aircraft take off, which led to an inflight emergency.

Sometimes cheaper isn't better.

Anyone who wants to make this perfectly, crystal clear to Alaska Airlines, please e-mail Tell 'em I sent you.

A quick follow up: I sent my e-mail, and got this message in reply:

"Thank you for contacting our Central Baggage Service. We are currently
experiencing high email volumes. Response time on email is approximately 2


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