Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No More Training Wheels

I'm a cyclist, and have been for, oh, 32 years or so. My dad is an accomplished cyclist, too, having ridden across the US and on numerous other tours and one day trips.

So when my son (now 7) showed signs of being, well, not so happy about learning to ride his bike without training wheels, I have to admit I had my first burst of fatherly testosterone poisoning. I kept it in check, by I flinched every time he picked his scooter or roller blades instead of his shiny Hotwheels bike. Our neighbor's kid, on the other hand, has been riding, jumping and popping wheelies since around his 6th birthday.

What was I doing wrong? I asked myself.

Nothing. I told myself.

I finally shrugged it off as proof that Nurture and Nature are equally important in bicycling, and left it at that.

Then, yesterday, breakthrough! I was gently pushing him along, and all of a sudden he just pedaled away. Within an hour he was standing up, riding in circles, etc..

I couldn't tell who was more excited, me or him.

Now, about his soccer technique...


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