Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gregg's Greenlake Cycle: Customer Service...?

Update: Greggs came through again. After wrestling a bit with my conscience (I worked at a bike shop once - I know how hectic it is) I called the manager. He checked for me, and it turns out that the service guys were playing it VERY safe. They had dropped the ball a little as far as calling me when the bike arrived, but it's already on the rack, and it'll be done today or tomorrow. Thanks Gregg's! You've restored my faith.

I love Gregg's Greenlake Cycle. For a long-time cyclist it's the world's greatest toystore/museum/learning place you can find.

But I have a bone to pick.

I just bought the most expensive, fanciest bike of my life - a Felt F2.

It took weeks for Felt to actually ship it. Not Gregg's fault.

So when it did ship, I called the store and was assured that they'd set up a time to get it built, and call me when it was done. Right.

Today, four days later, I called again. The guy who answered looked around a bit and said yes, they did indeed have my new bike. Wow! Guess they forgot to call me when it came in, but that's OK, because now I get to ride my new bike!

Then he told me the bike was still in the box. They hadn't even scheduled a time to build it. AUGH! I AM BUYING A $4000 BIKE AND YOU JUST SOMEHOW FORGOT ABOUT IT?!!!

I took a deep breath. He told me he'd call back when it was ready, or when he knew more. I sat around for 3 hours. When they didn't call, I called them again.

He told me it'd be 2-3 days before they got to it.

Guys. Customer service much? He didn't even apologize. Nothing. Just, "too bad".

Granted, I did not directly buy the bike from Gregg's. But clearly I am (was) a great potential customer...


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