Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Unspeakable Acts, With Fingers and Mice

Several of my staff work on a podcast: The Weekly Geek Show.

If you like intelligent commentary on everything from video games to HD DVD, sprinkled liberally with bursts of hilarious grossness, I highly recommend it. I nearly drove off the road laughing at this week's episode.

But I must set the record straight.

In the post, Chris states that, when at work, he's required to stick his finger up his butt, and that he bills that time.

While that may be true, and if it were it would not be the strangest request from a client, I had to do a LOT of negotiating to get the client to back down on their previous demand: That they get to show up unannounced, sneak up behind Chris and stick THEIR finger where the sun don't shine.

So really, he's gotten off pretty easy.


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