Monday, April 23, 2007

Is God A Mountain? Or a Mazda?

"Daddy, is God a mountain?"

Um. My overly precocious daughter popped this one on me last week. Harrison went through the same thing a few years back.

I tried the enlightened tact: Lots of people believe God is lots of different things. To me, God is what made Mozart create his music, or DaVinci paint the Mona Lisa. It's what makes your kids ask questions like these as a test. He/she/it is a sneaky bugger, and hard to pin down.

I explained that native Americans believe more in a spirit that lives in all things (I admit this may be a horrifically bad explanation), and it's hard to believe that EVERYONE except ONE GROUP is wrong.

"So is God in the zippy car?" she said, pointing at my prized Mazda 6s.

Well, sure, why not?


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