Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Too Smart

My son may just be too smart.

He just took his CAT (California Aptitude Test), and scored, well, he just scored really high. Crazy high.

Yes, I'm preening just a bit at the idea that the little geek might just be a wunderkind.

I've always suspected. When he was two, we were at a museum. He wanted a chocolate chip cookie. I refused. He got angry. Then he stamped his foot and yelled, "I'm opposed to you dad!". He got his cookie.

But I'm also stressed. How do you entertain a 7-year-old who reads at a 4th grade level, is done with his classwork by 11:30, and already says things like "I find that difficult". He keeps asking me to do science experiments. I can only make a grape dance up and down in mineral water so many times.

Did I mention he writes short stories on my computer? Here's a sample:

Lets go over here!
Look out! Droidekas! (yes, he spells it correctly)
Gosh, you are silly.

I periodically go to use my computer and find these little kid-kus in WordPad. I save them all...


Blogger Ian said...

My parents just bought lots and lots of books. And unplugged the TV. The rest seemed to take care of itself.

Oh, and discussed the family businesses at the dinner table. That helped a lot.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

Oh, and that was Brian, logged in to Blogger... woops.

2:37 PM  

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