Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Something's Rotten in Denmark: Rasmussen Ejected from Tour

Breaking news: Michael Rasmussen was just ejected from the Tour de France, 3 days before he would've ridden to victory in Paris.

He had the race locked up. But way back in June his team found out he'd lied about his whereabouts when he missed several drug tests. They just now decided to remove him. Yes, that's right. His TEAM removed him from the race.

So now two Team Discovery riders could be on the podium in Paris: Alberto Contador and Levi Leipheimer. That's very cool.

But I think cycling is officially finished as an international pro sport, for a long time. It'll take decades for the sport to recover, if at all. The anti doping authorities are every bit as disorganized and dishonest as the dopers - fans are so cynical at this point (myself included) that the major events have almost no value.

It's a shame. Some of these guys are amazing athletes.

Bring back the Tour de France Feminin instead...

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