Friday, December 28, 2007

Screw Jewels. I Want Chocolate.

I am a long time chocoholic. My staff have often seen me creeping around, peeking surreptitiously into everyone's lunches, trying to scavenge some chocolate candy.

I can't help it. Both of my parents are chocolate addicts. So I was doomed.

I've always favored the cheap stuff: I can go through Kit Kats, for example, like nobody else.

Then someone got me this:

Holy cow. When I took my first bite (20 seconds after opening it) my eyes rolled back in my head.

The chocolate is good stuff - not waxy or sickly-sweet. And the personalized box adds a nice touch of coolness.

If you're stumped for a gift, and the recipient has any love for chocolate, at all, this'll work. Trust me on that.

5 stars for this one (out of 5)

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