Saturday, August 11, 2007

4 Reasons to Hate Globalization - pass it on

...At least corporate-driven, lowest-bidder-wins, screw-the-rest-of-you globalization:

  • Lead paint in kids' toys. If you think this is some obscure thing that won't affect you, read this. Then do something simple - tell 2 other people about this. Just people you know.

  • Bad stuff in their toothpaste.

  • Bad pet food.

  • And then, my favorite: Boeing is having components of the Dreamliner 787 built in China. Not to mention a bunch of other places.

I'm not suggesting that China, or any other country, is any worse or better at building products, making toothpaste, etc.. And, I actually support globalization.

But are we all completely retarded? Why does globalization have to mean dangerous, crappy products that kill people?

Go blog about this. Or tell two other people about it. And insist that they each tell two people, too. This is our responsibility - don't shrug and say you can't do anything. That's ridiculous. You can do the easiest thing in the world: Tell two other people.


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