Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pondering Cloverfield: It's About The People, Not the Monster

Cloverfield is not a monster movie. It's a movie about how friends respond to unexpected catastrophe - in this case, a humungous monster possibly released by the Tagruato Corporation as they drilled for the secret ingredient in their Slusho.

A lot of folks walked away from this movie shaking their head. They expected Godzilla rampaging through a cardboard city.

Instead, Cloverfield gave us a gritty, horrifying, alien look at a city being torn apart.

It is not a sideways look at 9/11. Nor is it a commentary on environmental issues. Nor is it like Lost (sorry Maureen).

Cloverfield shows us heroism that's unglamorous, scary, and tragic at times. The heroes make mistakes. They're terrified. They're not fighting the monster. They're just trying to save each other.

Watch Cloverfield if you want to lose yourself in a story. Your neck will hurt when it's over - this is not a relaxing movie. But it certainly makes you think.


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