Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rat King Sighting Causes Panic on NY Subway

NEW YORK, JUNE 3rd, 2008: Horrified commuters fled a New York subway today after seeing an enormous 'rat king'.

Rat kings occur when several rats become intertwined at the tail. Their tails then grow together. were once thought to be fiction. Since then, numerous specimens have been found.

"It was the most revolting thing I've ever seen," Franklin Snyder, a Manhattan commuter, commented.

Several New Yorkers were taken to local hospitals for treatment of minor scrapes and bruises and released. No injuries were reported from the Cryptid itself.

NYPD shot and disposed of the rat king, reported to contain more than 75 rodents.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried to calm an uneasy populace.

"I know that rat kings were once omens of disease and disaster," said Bloomberg, "but we live in a different time. New York is doing just fine."

NYPD and New York MTA staff could not be reached for comment.

And yes, this is total fiction


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