Sunday, July 30, 2006

Landis on Larry King

I caught Floyd Landis' interview on Larry King Live. It confirmed my gut feeling about him - he can be confrontational, and headstrong. Common traits in the sport. But a cheater? I don't think so.

He and Lance Armstrong have apparently made up, too. Suddenly Landis understands why Armstrong was so tense for 7 years.

Of course, you do wonder just a bit, but if nothing else, this clearly confirms that Armstrong has always been clean. They practically crawled up his urinary tract and never found a thing...

Oh, yeah - I've gotten a lot of e-mail/comments to the effect that I'm a nasty American who just thinks our cyclists can do no wrong. Uh-uh. I feel badly for Jan Ullrich, too - he may be innocent, but he sure never got a chance to prove it. And Ivan Basso, too...


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