Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hired this great phone guy to install a new voice over IP phone system at my office. He swore the system would provide great voice quality. I paid to get an additional T1 line brought to my office just for this system.

The guy shows up with his weird crew the first day. They start working on stuff the first day, then leave 2 hours later.

The next day they do the same thing.

The day after, again. One of the FWITNs (if you have to ask, don't) was working with my project leader's phone, getting her set up, got frustrated and ripped her computer's plugs out of the wall, then stomped out of the office. He came back later and apologized. Nice.

Today the system was in. I geeked out over the whole thing: Custom messages, automatic forwarding, plus I can use the system on my laptop.

Then I called someone.

The voice quality is shit. I mean, not just decent. Shit. Shitty shit shit. Talking to my wife, I couldn't understand half of what she said.

The final answer from the installer? "That's the best we can do."

The system is getting ripped out tomorrow. Grrrr....


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