Monday, June 04, 2007

Kobe, Talk to LeBron

I'm a Lakers fan. Have been since I was 11, and this charming, brilliant rookie named Magic came to New Jersey and pounded the New Jersey Nets senseless with brilliant passes, smiling the whole time.

These days, it ain't that much fun.

I'm also a CEO, so I think I know why watching the Lakers over the past 3 years felt like chewing glass.

No leadership.

Standing pat and doing nothing is not leadership. Nor is threatening to quit.

Kobe, talk to LeBron - how did he get his team to the Finals? Not by complaining. By elevating everyone around him. By encouraging when possible, advising when sensible, and keeping his mouth shut in front of the press.

But I'm not picking on Kobe, either. The Lakers' decline isn't his fault. In the end, it has to rest on the GM, Mitch Kupchak. Yes, Jerry West is a tough act to follow (just how did he get Brian Shaw for nothing?), but c'mon, man. You've so depleted the Lakers' talent pool that Andrew Bynum is an asset to protect? Sure, he'll be a serviceable, maybe even an all-star, center. But there are no sure things...


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