Monday, May 07, 2007

Ian pulls pin, head explodes

Last night I had a nightmare where our phone system died while I was completing a sale with a huge company.

Then there was a deafening BANG and I woke up in a cold sweat.

I should point out that we've spent 3 weeks getting a new VOIP phone system installed, and it's been hell. Well, actually hell doesn't describe it. Imagine having your head chopped off while you're somehow kept alive, then having your still-alive head attached to the underside of a short-legged horse running for 3 days across a desert full of cactii and red ants. Then have the horse lie down for a while, to rest. Then have it run all the way back.

It's been like that. Only worse.

Apparently the two are unrelated, but I have suffered an episode of exploding head syndrome. How f----ing cool is that?!

Fortunately, it bears no relationship to actual head explosions. So I shall survive. Phew.


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