Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Spel Gooder

I was meeting with a potential client today. It went something like this:

Ian: So, this project will cost around $15,000.
PC: But, this other guy told me he can do it for $1,000.

Ian: Wow. I can't match that. But I gotta say I doubt he can either.
PC: Well, here's his site - doesn't it look great?

(site vomits onto Ian's screen - Ian struggles to maintain sanity)

Ian: Hmmm. I already see 5 spelling mistakes, and this site is... Uh...
PC: I like it. I don't see the spelling errors either.

Ian: See? Right there? He mispelled 'browser', unless he's a Sha-na-na fan. Plus he used "your" isntead of "you're". You sure you want to work with this guy?
PC: I'll talk to him. In the mean time, do you think you can match his price?

I've been doing internet marketing for 12 years. Why do I still have to have these conversations?


Anonymous Brian said...

Because you don't let your sales guy be an idiot filter.

It's even in his job title!

2:44 PM  

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